At least 30 million people in the United States alone wear contact lenses. For many people, contact lenses are a more logical and easy solution to poor vision. Here are five facts every patient who obtains contact lenses for the first time should know.

1. Following Directions from Your Optometrist Is Crucial – When you are given contact lenses for the first time, and likely every time thereafter, you will be given specific instructions about the care and use of your contact lenses. Do not be like 40 to 90 percent of other contact lens wearers who do not follow instructions, as this can lead to infections of the eye and severe complications with your vision.

2. Contact Lenses Do Take Some Adjusting To – When you first put contact lenses in your eyes, you should not expect that you will immediately feel comfortable wearing them. It normally takes about three weeks to get adjusted to the way the lenses feel in your eyes. During this time, you should keep your eyes hydrated with solution and avoid wearing the lenses for long periods of time.

3. Not Every One Will Like Contact Lenses – If there is one thing contact lens wearers need to know, it is that not everyone will grow accustomed to the difference enough to feel comfortable. Some people have eyes that are excessively sensitive to foreign material and will not be able to continue wearing lenses. If after three weeks you are having a difficult time, talk to your optometrist about what you should do.

4. You Must Avoid Water While Wearing Contacts – Tap water and chlorinated water in pools are not good for your contact lenses and can cause damage. Therefore, you should always take your lenses out before swimming or baths and showers.

5. You Should Be Able to Recognize Signs of Keratitis – Keratitis is a problem common for people who wear contact lenses, especially those that do not follow doctor's orders. This eye infection will show up as blurry vision, pain and redness of the eye, and in severe cases, excessive tearing and mucus from the eye.

As a new contact lens wearer, be sure to talk openly with your optometrist, one like Vision Associates of Marlboro, about the different facts you should know. By keeping communication open and following the doctor's instructions, you can easily be happy with your contact lenses.