If you need to wear prescription glasses, you will have a lot of options available to you. When you order your glasses a lot of those options will come at an additional price and this means you may not be able to get them all. You want to know which of those options are going to be the most important for you so you get glasses that are comfortable and allow you to see as easily as possible in just about any situation. This article will provide you with details on the different options you can choose from so you know what ones you definitely want to add to your lenses.

Tinting options for your lenses

You can choose to go with standard clear lenses and this means you are getting no frills added to them. Another option is to have a light adjusting tint put on them. This tint will darken when you go into direct sunlight, acting similar to sunglasses.

Another option is to go with a tint that's the color of your choosing. This tint will remain on your glasses indoors and outdoors, so you won't want it too dark. You can also go with a mirrored tint. Mirrored glasses give you a tint from the inside and have the appearance of mirrors from outside. They are good for anyone who spends time in the water or snow where there are a lot of reflections.

 Anti-scratch coatings for your lenses

In some cases your glasses may automatically come with an anti-scratch coating. However, some other manufacturers will charge a small fee to add this to your lenses. You can avoid the need for this by going with glass lenses that won't scratch. However, if you are going with plastic lenses, you should really have this coating added.

Anti-fog coatings for your lenses

If you work in the cold and your glasses fog up on you, it will temporarily block your vision. This can put you in a dangerous position. If you have experienced this, then you should opt for the anti-fog coating which prevents this from happening.

Anti-reflective coatings for your lenses

Anti-reflective coatings will cut down on the amount of glare you experience and this will help to cut out on visual distractions. This coating will also make it easier for you to drive at night by reducing the amount of glare you experience from lights.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different options you can choose from, you can choose the ones that are going to give you the best experience. Contact a local eye care center, like Byrne William, to further explore these options.