If your little one is like most, chances are that they aren't particularly happy about having to wear glasses for proper vision. They can get in the way of playing, they aren't always comfortable on the ears, and they can make your child feel like they "stand out from the crowd" or are somehow inferior to those who don't have to wear glasses. Here are a few things you can do to encourage your little one to embrace their need for glasses as they grow up:

Get Fashionable

One of the most effective ways to ensure your little one feels good about wearing their glasses on a regular basis is to invest in a pair of fashionable frames. They come in a myriad of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs which should make it easy to find frames that your child gets excited about. Cartoon themes, nature features, and magically inspired designs are just a few options that may just intrigue your little one. You can also get light reactive lenses to go with the frames so that they turn into sunglasses for fun play outside.

Borrow Some Books

Borrowing books from the library that feature child heroes and other characters wearing glasses is a great way to make sure your child knows that they're just as capable and special as anyone else who is not required to wear glasses for clear vision. Picking up a new book or two once a month will give your something new to read together at story time while creating a positive frame of mind when it comes to regarding prescription glasses.

Find Specialty Groups

You may be able to find specialty children's groups in your community that function like group playdates but are designed to support the children of the group in a specific situation. For instance, some groups may be geared toward children with autism while others may be designed to cater to kids who are shy and find it hard to make friends – then there are those designed to help kids feel good about their need to wear glasses or use a wheelchair to get around. Start with your local Boys' and Girls' club or YMCA to find recommendations. If you can't find an appropriate support group to attend in your area, consider creating your own!

Wear Glasses Yourself

Why not join the club and wear a pair of glasses when you're out and about with your child? This is especially helpful if your child tends to feel embarrassed while wearing their own glasses. You probably won't have to wear the glasses for more than a couple of weeks before your child starts to feel comfortable wearing them alone. Simply buy a pair of toy glasses from the dollar store and keep them in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

These tips and tricks should make it a little easier for your youngster to accept their need for wearing glasses and to get comfortable with wearing them in public, even at school. 

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