Choosing prescription eyewear online has become a convenient and reliable process. Here are some of the key steps to successfully picking glasses online.

Get Your Prescription

The first thing to do before you begin to look for prescription eyewear is to get a prescription from your optometrist, such as Bergh-White Opticians, Inc. Many online stores will require you to upload the prescription before you begin your order. Your prescription for eyeglasses will contain key information about your prescription strength and the spacing of your lens focal points. 

Set a Budget

There are many frames and lenses online with varying price points. Before you begin, set a budget. Consider how much you're willing to spend on a frame and lenses, and which one is more important to you. This may depend on how much your value optics (choose lenses) or aesthetics (choose frames). Another thing that can affect your decision is your insurer's limits for online glasses purchases. Many insurers will reimburse you for part of your online prescription eyeglasses purchase, so check the requirements before you shop. 

Pick a Frame and Lens Material

Picking frames can be a fairly subjective process. Although, there are some guidelines for choosing your first frames. For instance, picking a neutral shade for the frames can help you to choose glasses that are most versatile. The shape of the frames also matters, and the common advice is to choose a frame shape that contrasts your face. 

It gets more interesting when you're picking lens material. For instance, you will have the option of choosing highly durable lens materials (such as polycarbonate) or advanced optical materials (such as crown lenses). If you are unsure what these terms mean, if can be helpful to discuss the lens options with your eye doctor ahead of time to see what's in your budget. 

Fit the Glasses in Person

Finally, it's important to have your glasses fitted in person by your optometrist. Although the prescription should give your online vendor a description for how to fit the lenses correctly in the frames, your optometrist should verify in person that the lenses' focal points are in line with your eyes' center. This is often a quick process with a few visual tests, and you may not even need to schedule an appointment. With such a simple process, ordering prescription glasses online can give you a wider range of options with a limited amount of added hassle.