Going to the vision care center for your eyes to be examined is important. It helps ensure your vision is healthy and your eyes are too. If you haven't gone to the eye doctor in a while for an eye exam, it's time to go in. You should go at least once per year to keep your prescription up to date and to update your lenses if you wear them. Read on for other times when it's important to go to the eye doctor for an eye exam and checkup.

Your Vision Is Hazy

If your vision has begun to appear hazy, and it isn't because your contacts or eyeglass lenses are showing signs of wear, the problem could be that you have cataracts. Your vision may begin to look hazy when you have a cataract that is beginning to cloud up your vision. If you have cataracts, you need to have your vision inspected by a professional optometrist, and then you will need to have this condition treated as needed. Cataracts is a condition in which the lens begins to appear cloudy and will affect your vision. Surgery is usually the treatment for this type of condition, especially depending on how bad your cataracts have become.

You Are Seeing Double Vision

If you are seeing double vision, it could be something in your head and not your eyes at all, or it could be that your eyes are beginning to turn in and are crossing. If you have this type of issue, you may need a strong prescription to help pull your vision apart so you see properly.

You Have A Stye Or Other Eye Infection

If you have a stye in your eye or you have an eye infection that is causing oozing, redness, swelling, or other issues, you need to have it checked and treated at the optometrist's office. You may need eye drops that are medicated to treat the condition to prevent it from worsening or causing other eye or vision health concerns. Allowing a stye or eye infection to go untreated could also cause it to spread to others and infect those around you as well. You need to keep your hands away from your eyes and get in for treatment.

If you have any of these eye concerns or need to update your lenses, it's best to get into the eye doctor at your local vision care center for proper treatment.

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