Do you visit an optometrist regularly for eye examinations? If you adhere to your eye exam schedule and the results consistently show that you are healthy, you may assume these appointments aren't essential. 

But there are certain conditions the optometrist can easily identify if you adhere to the test schedule. For that reason, you shouldn't think your appointment isn't important to your well-being. This post will share some health conditions the eye specialist can identify after conducting eye tests.

High Blood Pressure

This condition can lead to stroke, or heart attack when left untreated. The key to avoiding these health conditions is through early detection. When you go for an eye exam, the optometrist can notice signs of a high blood pressure problem. Usually, the condition causes blood vessel problems in the back of the patient's eye. You can control blood pressure and avoid eye problems like glaucoma thanks to the eye exam.


According to a 2019 study, approximately 11% of Americans had diabetes, and the number keeps rising daily. Often, many people live unknowingly with the condition, which leads to severe complications. Luckily, a person can rely on eye exams to determine if they have diabetes.

This condition can be identified after undergoing a comprehensive eye examination. A diabetic patient will have an eye issue known as diabetic retinopathy, which targets blood vessels in the retina. When the problem is identified early enough, the patient can undergo treatment immediately. The optometrist will recommend scheduling an appointment with a primary doctor to manage their blood sugar.


Cancer is a health problem that affects many people, so you should be cautious. Early detection is the only way to increase the chances of survival because it enables a person to get treatment before the condition advances.

An eye examination can assist you to detect various types of cancer, particularly skin, tissue, and blood. These different cancer forms exhibit signs that the optometrist can notice when doing eye tests. They will then recommend seeing a physician right away for additional tests to check the possibility of cancer

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This form of arthritis causes patients to experience significant pain. It targets the healthy tissues in the body, causing irritation or soreness in the joints or other body parts. One area this condition may target is the eyes. Eyes may hurt severely and it might be difficult to see. When a person shows up for an eye exam, the specialist will notice the eye redness and recommend medical therapy.

To learn more about eye exams, contact an optometrist in your area.